Hamilton, Massachusetts


Originally a section of Ipswich called “The Hamlet,” the town was named for Alexander Hamilton, whose portrait became the town seal in 1903. Hamilton had no specific association with the community and was most likely chosen for his importance in American history. 

Hamilton is a rural community with a compact downtown area, beautiful residential neighborhoods, and pastoral landscapes with old stone walls on winding, tree-lined roads. It is also know for its rich equestrian heritage. Myopia Hunt Club holds frequent events including Sunday afternoon polo and hosts an annual Thanksgiving Day fox hunt open to the public.

Hamilton has close ties to neighboring Wenham, sharing a school system, library, recreation department, commuter rail station, and newspaper. In 2010, Boston Magazine listed Hamilton-Wenham among the “Best Places to Live." 

Hamilton is a quiet suburb and many residents enjoy traveling to surrounding towns for additional downtown fun and attractions.  Check out some of Hamilton's attractions: